Trigger Finger Release

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Similar to mallet finger, trigger finger is a condition in which the finger cannot fully straighten due to swelling in the tendons. While the extensor tendon (located on top of the finger) is to blame in mallet finger, the flexor tendon (located on the underside of the finger) is the cause in trigger finger. If the concern is mild, rest can often be sufficient to address this issue. However, anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, and avoidance of certain activities may be advised to more effectively resolve trigger finger. Surgery is rarely needed. When recommended, an operation can be performed to open the tendon sheath. Once the sheath is loosened, the flexor tendon should be able to move freely without catching.

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Very fortunate to have finally found an orthopedic Doctor as Dr. Gregory Roehrig. Have been to many Orthopedic doctors, but I have complete trust and respect for Dr. Roehrig! 

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I was very satisfied. Dr. Rienzo took time with diagrams and models to explain to my wife and me what was going to be done and what we could expect.

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Extremely professional, most concerned with providing guidance regarding my injury, and understands my concerns. Really works with you so that recovery smoothly.

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