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Sports and other activities that involve throwing (or similar arm movement) can sometimes lead to problems affecting the UCL, or ulnar collateral ligament. This ligament can be inflamed or torn, which causes pain on the inside elbow. An operation commonly known as Tommy John surgery can be performed to reconstruct the UCL using a tissue graft, upon which the ligament can regrow. In many cases, the tendon belonging to the patient can be used. If inflammation of the nerve is the primary concern rather than a ligament tear, the nerve can be repositioned in front of the elbow to reduce friction and stretching.

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Dr. Tozzi is the best. I had 2 total knee replacements, one last May and the other in January. No pain, minimal discomfort, and very short recovery time on my way to having a normal life again. THANKS, DR TOZZI! YOU’RE THE BEST!
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Dr. Tozzi

I had a medial meniscus repair performed by Dr. Petrosini two months ago. I am very happy with results. Dr. Petrosini was very clear on what I could expect from the surgery and recovery. I would recommend without reservations.
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Dr. Petrosini

A huge thank you to Dr. Glasser for diagnosing and treating an old shoulder injury. With her expertise, I was finally able to exercise and surf again without any pain. Highly recommended!
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Dr. Glasser

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