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What is a Shoulder Labrum Tear?

The labrum is a circular piece of soft cartilage on the edge of the shoulder socket. The labrum’s key function is holding the shoulder in place. An injury, accident, or osteoarthritis may cause a labrum tear. Partial labrum tears occur much more frequently than complete ones.

Symptoms of a torn labrum include shoulder instability, pain, and decreased range of motion/ability to move the shoulder. If a tear is not treated, it may lead to a shoulder subluxation or dislocation. Our specialists accurately diagnose shoulder labrum tears. A medical history and physical exam are performed and medical imaging studies (X-rays and MRIs) are ordered. The findings of the studies tell the specialist the location and severity of the tear.

How is a Shoulder Labrum Tear Treated?

Treatment plans are prescribed according to the severity of the tear. Nonsurgical treatment options may be used to treat minor to moderate tears. An OIBO specialist’s customized nonsurgical treatment plan includes:

  • Medications to decrease inflammation and pain
  • Instructions regarding rest and ice application
  • Activity modification recommendations
  • A physical therapy prescription

Physical therapy is an important part of treatment. During one-on-one sessions with an approved physical therapist, patients strengthen the shoulder muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Symptoms decrease and future injuries are prevented.

Severe labrum tears or tears that do not respond to nonsurgical treatment may require surgery. Our specialists are trained and board-certified. They perform minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery. During a labrum repair, suture anchors are used to repair the torn labrum and reattach it to the shoulder socket. Following the procedure, the shoulder rests in a perfect anatomical position. To schedule your appointment with a specialist, call our practice or visit our contact page.

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