Shoulder Labrum Repair

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What is a Shoulder Labrum Repair?

A shoulder labrum repair is a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure that repairs a torn shoulder labrum and stabilizes the shoulder. The outpatient procedure is performed arthroscopically under general anesthesia.

During this short procedure, the following procedure steps are carried out:

  • Incisions. Two to three tiny shoulder incisions are made. An arthroscopic camera is placed in the incisions and the surgeon views the inside of the shoulder from a nearby television monitor.
  • Labrum repair. The torn labrum is visualized and repaired. Suture anchors attach the labrum to the bone and connect torn tendon ends.

Incisions are closed and dressing with sterile dressings. The patient is placed in a comfortable sling that holds the shoulder in a neutral position.

After surgery, OICJ Shoulder Specialists will create a Physical Therapy plan to help restore function and motion to the shoulder.

At Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey (OICJ) our Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Shoulder Specialists Dr. Michael Sclafani, Dr. Anthony Petrosini, Dr. Toby Husserl, Dr. Gregory Roehrig and Dr. Nicholas Jarmon are shoulder labrum repair experts.

What Does a Shoulder Labrum Repair Treat?

The glenoid labrum is a rim of soft tissue that surrounds the shoulder socket—holding the head of the humerus in place and stabilizing the shoulder. An accident or injury may cause a partial or sometimes complete labrum tear and subsequent shoulder subluxations or dislocations. Because the labrum is torn and cannot repair itself, surgery may be a recommended treatment option, especially if subluxations or dislocation are frequent.

Patients who injure their shoulder and are in pain are encouraged to make an appointment with an OICJ Shoulder Specialist as soon as possible. Delaying a diagnosis can make the injury and its symptoms worse.

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Dr. Jarmon was extremely welcoming. He explained in great detail the issue with my shoulder, and even drew a picture for me to describe what was happening in layman’s terms. I have recommended him more than once already.

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Dr. Jarmon

John Tozzi is a wonderful doctor- throughout the process pre and post surgery. His team really helps this practice excel. Everyone very supportive and understanding. The team at the outpatient surgical center was also wonderful. Thank you.

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Dr. Tozzi

Dr. Sclafani’s high-level clinical expertise and superior bedside manner make him one of the best orthopedic surgeons around!

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