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What is Sacroiliac Joint Fusion?

The sacroiliac joint connects the sacrum to the hips and evenly distributes shock between the upper and lower body. Sacroiliac joint fusion is a surgical procedure to fuse the sacroiliac joint. The procedure is performed when moving the sacroiliac joint causes pain and possibly other symptoms. Procedure steps include:

  • Incision. A small incision is made on the outside part of the buttock. Buttock and hip muscles are gently retracted to view the joint.
  • Joint preparation. A small hole is made in the hip. Cartilage and soft tissues are carefully removed.
  • Implant placement. A bone graft packed implant is inserted into the prepared joint space.
  • Implant fixation. Screws and pins fixate the implant.

After surgery, bone graft fuses with the existing bone to form a solid, non-moveable joint that no longer causes pain. Orthopaedic Institute Brielle Orthopaedics board-certified and fellowship-trained spine specialists perform sacroiliac joint fusions.

What is the Recovery Time for a Sacroiliac Joint Fusion?

While recover time will on a case by case basis, the recovery period for a Sacroiliac Joint Fusion (SI Joint Fusion) is on average 12 weeks. Patients will continue to heal over a 3 month time period as bones heal and fuse together. Our specialists will be able to give you a better understanding of your expected recovery time. 

What Does Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Treat?

Anatomical abnormalities, overuse, and inflammation can cause sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction include:

  • Groin pain
  • Hip pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvis pain

Nonsurgical treatment options relieve most cases of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Sacroiliac joint fusion is recommended to treat sacroiliac joint dysfunction that does not respond to many months of nonsurgical treatment. Our spine specialists create customized treatment plans tailored to the patient’s symptoms and perform surgery using the latest and most advanced techniques and devices.

Please do not delay a diagnosis if you experience sacroiliac joint dysfunction symptoms. Contact us to make an appointment as soon as possible.

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