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Hip Arthritis Signs and Symptoms

Hip Arthritis Signs and Symptoms The hip is a large weight-bearing ball and socket joint that moves and stabilizes the torso and lower body. Hip arthritis is a common condition that slowly destroys hip cartilage and tissue and causes the bones of the hip to rub...

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5 Common Causes of Sciatica

5 Common Causes of Sciatica Sciatica is a sharp, shooting, radiating pain that starts in the lower back or hip and runs down the back of the thigh, buttocks and possibly into the calf. Sciatica ranges from mild to severe and in some cases, can be debilitating. Most...

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Is It My Shoulder or Neck?

Is It My Shoulder or Neck? There is nothing worse than pain that limits your ability to perform daily activities and few things are more limiting than neck or shoulder pain. In many instances, patients have a difficult time deciphering whether their pain is a result...

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How Do I Know if I Need a Hip Replacement?

How Do I Know if I Need a Hip Replacement? Your hips allow you to perform a wide range of activities. However, when pain, discomfort, and stiffness threaten your way of life, it may be time to consider hip replacement surgery. Of course, not all types of hip pain...

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OIOCJ Treats Local High School Lineman

OIOCJ Treats Local High School Lineman In the fall of 2015, seventeen-year-old Toms River North defensive lineman, Cole, was playing against rival Toms River South when he was hit by another player and felt a pop in his left knee. Cole initially continued to play...

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What’s a PCL Injury and How Is It Treated?

Because ACL tears are more common, PCL tears don't get as much attention - but that doesn't mean they aren't serious. In fact, PCL tears can be just as (if not more) debilitating as ACL tears. Here's everything you need to know: Related Knee Anatomy and Terms The knee...

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What’s Hip Impingement Syndrome?

Hip pain can limit a person’s ability to function and live a normal life. For an athlete, it can also decrease athletic performance and sideline you. A common cause of hip pain is Hip Impingement Syndrome. Here’s everything you need to know: Related Anatomy The hip is...

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When Should I See a Pain Management Specialist?

You’ve probably heard of Pain Management Specialists.  You probably even know someone who has been helped by them. But that doesn’t help if you're experiencing intolerable pain. The question that you (and many other patients) may have is… “When should I see a pain...

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Shoulder Or Neck

It is often difficult for patients to truly understand exactly where their pain is coming from. It is very common for pain to seem like it is coming from one area, when the actual problem is occurring in another . Below, we have outlined three basic concepts to help...

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