Knee Arthroscopy

The Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey, specializes in treating knee injuries. We utilize the expertise of 18 Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists, and Physical Therapists to develop treatment plans based on your unique injury, lifestyle, and goals.

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What is Knee Arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that treats a number of knee injuries and conditions. The advantages of minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures over open incision ones include less surgical trauma, less post-operative pain, and a quicker recovery. Modern surgical techniques, equipment, and devices allow physicians to perform most knee surgeries arthroscopically, with the exception being total knee replacement surgery. Common procedure steps include the following:

  • Incisions. 2-3 incisions are made around the patella (kneecap)
  • Joint visualization. An arthroscopic camera is placed through the incisions and carefully guided into the knee joint. Joint bones and soft tissues are viewed on a nearby television monitor.

The type of procedure determines additional steps. Commonly performed procedures include the following:

  • Cartilage repair. Torn cartilage is removed and existing cartilage is smoothed.
  • Ligament repair. A graft is used to replace a torn ligament. Special surgical devices secure the new ligament.
  • Meniscus repair. Special suture anchors are used to repair a torn meniscus and reattach it to the bone.

General anesthesia is used to perform the majority of knee arthroscopy procedures. Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. A family member or friend drives the patient home shortly after. A return to work usually takes at least 2-3 days. The type of procedure determines total recovery time.

At Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey (OICJ) our Board-Certified and Fellowship-Trained knee specialists Dr. Michael Sclafani, Dr. Anthony Petrosini and Dr. Toby Husserl perform knee arthroscopy procedures that relieve symptoms and help patients return to normal pain-free lives as quickly as possible. Please make an appointment today to receive a diagnosis and say goodbye to your symptoms.

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