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Kamagra Online – Your Effective Drug against Impotence

buy kamagraThe treatment of erectile dysfunction with the brand Viagra medication can be a significant challenge for your budget. However, the price of the medication is not a reason to refuse treatment. It’s a reason to look for some more affordable yet same highly efficacious alternatives. Kamagra is one of them. This is a generic preparation, containing sildenafil citrate, which can temporarily eliminate the symptoms of male sexual inability. The Google search results will let you see several offers under the name of Kamagra. One of them is the oral tablet form of the drug, whereas the other is the jelly. It’s only up to you to choose which one will be better for you. Our website offers both Kamagra pills and online Kamagra oral jelly.

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Where to Buy Kamagra?

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How Does Kamagra Work?

The active substance of Kamagra belongs to the PDE5 inhibitors class of drugs. Its action is based on the inhibition of the levels of an enzyme PDE5, which allows the increase in the levels of the chemical called cGMP. It is responsible for the relaxation of the erectile tissues of the penis and the dilation of the blood vessels. In combination, these effects allow a better inflow of blood to the genitals leading to a firm and lasting erection. One of the key roles in this process belongs to nitric oxide, which is released in the penile tissues when a man gets proper sexual stimulation and feels sexually aroused.

The Intake of Kamagra Pills and Kamagra Jelly. What’s the Difference?

buy kamagraDepending on what you choose for yourself, the recommendations on intake are a bit different. Let’s start with Kamagra pills. They are available in 50 mg and 100 mg dosage strengths. The tablets should be ingested on an empty stomach about an hour before planned sexual activity. Wash the pills down with a glass of water. Kamagra oral jelly comes in sachets, each of which contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. One sachet is intended for a single intake. You may take only half of the content if it’s your first experience of taking sildenafil, but the rest should be thrown away. Keeping the jelly in an open package is not recommended. You don’t need water to ingest the jelly. It is produced in diverse flavors, so you may order any that tastes good for you. Time Kamagra oral jelly needs to start working ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. The people who buy Kamagra oral jelly do so due to the convenience of its intake. Besides, it is suitable even for those who have difficulties with swallowing pills.

Why Is Kamagra Cheaper than the Brand Drug?

Those who want to buy Kamagra online often hesitate about their choice because of the low price of the medication. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to use cheap Kamagra. This drug is as effective and safe as brand Viagra. The difference between them lies in the legal field mainly. The production of the brand drug demands significant investments into its development, patenting, branding, and advertising. The generic preparation omits almost all these stages. The company just buys the right for using the already-existing formula of the medication and starts the production. Naturally, the package design, as well as the appearance of the pill, or even medicinal form of the drug are different from the brand. Still, the active substance is the same, which means you can get a quality erection regardless of whether you get brand Viagra or generic Kamagra online.

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