Hip Labrum Repair

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What is Hip Labrum Repair?

Hip labrum repair is an arthroscopic surgical procedure that repairs a torn labrum in the hip and relieves the associated symptoms. The procedure is performed arthroscopically on an outpatient basis as follows:

  • Tiny hip incisions are made
  • An arthroscopic camera and instruments are placed through incisions and the joint is viewed on a nearby television monitor
  • Loose, damaged, and torn cartilage is removed
  • Suture anchors are used to repair the labrum and reattach it to the bone

The incisions are carefully closed and sterilely dressed. After the patient is awake and alert, a family member or friend drives them home.

Physical therapy after surgery is an important part of recovery because it helps the patient regain hip flexibility, strength, and function. Your surgeon and an Orthopaedic Institute Brielle Orthopaedics (OIO) selected physical therapist will create a specific physical therapy plan based on your progress and lifestyle.

What Does Hip Labrum Repair Treat?

The hip labrum is a circular piece of soft tissue that helps stabilize and move the hip. The labrum lies on the outer rim of the hip socket and holds the head of the femur in the hip socket, like a gasket. An accident or injury can cause a hip labrum tear and the following symptoms:

  • Catching, clicking, locking sensation
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Hip and/or groin pain
  • Stiffness

The first step toward symptom elimination is receiving an accurate diagnosis. At Orthopaedic Institute Brielle Orthopaedics (OIO) our Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Hip Specialists Dr. John Tozzi, Dr. Clint Ferenz, and Dr. Gregory Roehrig are hip labrum tear experts. If you are experiencing symptoms and are ready for a treatment solution, please make an appointment today.

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