Hip Arthroscopy

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What is Hip Arthroscopy?

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. Hip arthroscopy is similar to knee and shoulder arthroscopy and the benefits and surgical concepts are the same. Smaller incisions are used, less muscle and soft tissue are traumatized, recovery occurs much quicker. General procedure steps include the following:

  • Incisions. Small hip incisions are made and a small pencil shaped camera (an arthroscope) and instruments are passed through them.
  • Visualization. The hip joint is viewed from a nearby television monitor. The camera is moved throughout the hip so the entire joint can be seen.

The condition being treated determines subsequent procedure steps. Hip arthroscopy can be used to treat the following:

  • Dysplasia. An abnormally shallow hip joint stresses the femoral head and hip labrum.
  • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). Extra bone grows on the femoral head and in turn limits joint space and potentially causes painful bone on bone rubbing.
  • Labrum tear. A piece of the hip labrum tears and the joint becomes unstable.
  • Loose bodies. Pieces of torn cartilage or loose bone in the joint.
    Snapping hip syndrome. A hip tendon rubs the joint and causes a snapping or popping sound. Excess rubbing damages the tendon and may require treatment.
  • Synovitis. Joint tissue inflammation.

Modern hip arthroscopy techniques and state-of-the-art equipment allow for effective minimally invasive treatment of these conditions.

At Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey (OICJ) our Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Hip Specialists Dr. John Tozzi, Dr. Clint Ferenz and Dr. Gregory Roehrig are hip arthroscopy experts. Please contact our office to make an appointment and say goodbye to your symptoms.

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