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Our experts specializes in treating hand and wrist injuries. We utilize the expertise of 18 Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists, and Physical Therapists to develop treatment plans based on your unique injury, lifestyle, and goals.

hat is a Hand | Wrist Fracture/Break/Sprain?

The hand and wrist are very important body parts. Hand and wrist injuries are extremely common because the hand and wrist are constantly used. Manual laborers, athletes, and active individuals are most at risk. A hand or wrist fracture, break, or sprain may occur when a patient:

  • Accidently strikes their hand or wrist with or against a solid object
  • Falls on an open or closed hand
  • Makes a fist and punches a solid object

Pain, swelling, bruising, and anatomical deformity are common symptoms. Injuries should be seen by our hand specialist as soon as possible. Our hand specialists are fellowship trained and board-certified. A hand or wrist fracture, break, or sprain is accurately diagnosed and a customized treatment plan is created. Symptoms are quickly reduced and the fracture, break, or sprain heals.

How is a Hand | Wrist Fracture/Break/Sprain Treated?

Immobilization is the most common nonsurgical treatment option. OIBO specialists create comfortable custom-made casts, splints, and braces. They help bones perfectly align and heal. Anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed to decrease inflammation and pain. Hand therapy is prescribed after the fracture, break, or sprain heals.

Surgery is recommended for some fractures and breaks—specifically those that cause joint misalignments and deformities. During a closed reduction percutaneous pinning (CRPP), an  specialist manipulates the hand or wrist to realign the bones. A small pin is used to fixate the bones. No incision is made. During an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF), an specialist realigns the bones through an incision. A metal plate and screws are used to fixate the bones. The hand or wrist is immobilized in a splint after both procedures. Bone healing takes place over many weeks. A strong solid bone forms after recovery. To schedule your appointment with an hand specialist, call our practice or visit our contact page.

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