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What is Elbow Fracture Fixation?

Elbow fracture fixation is a surgical procedure to align fractured bones in the elbow so that they can heal properly. The procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, although severe fractures may require an overnight hospital stay. Procedure steps include the following:

  • Incision. An incision is made near the fractured bone.
  • Exposure. Muscles and tendons are moved so the surgeon can visualize the fracture.
  • Reduction. Surgical instruments reduce the fracture and temporarily hold it in a fixed position.
  • Fixation. A single screw, pins, rod, or a plate and screws fixate the bone.
  • Closure. Sutures are used to close the incision and it is sterilely dressed.

In some cases, percutaneous pinning may be performed to treat an elbow fracture. In this case, no incision is made and pins are passed through the skin and into the fractured bone.

X-ray guidance is used during all elbow fracture fixation procedures to ensure fractured bone is perfectly aligned and fixated.

What Does Elbow Fracture Fixation Treat?

A fall or direct blow may fracture one or more of the three bones that form at the elbow. Some fractures do not need to be aligned and will heal after several weeks of immobilization. Fractures that cause bone misalignment usually require surgery.

Motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports, and physical activities are common causes of elbow fractures.

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