Canadian Online Pharmacy – A Legal Way to Get Prescription Drugs in the USA

Canadian Online Pharmacy – Your Legal Supplier of Prescription Meds

The final rule issued by the US Secretary of Health and Human Service on the 30th of December 2020, had brought about the question of the appropriateness of such a decision. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy came with a letter condemning such a decision to the members of Congress. Their main arguments are the questionable quality of the medications patients can order online, as well as a lack of control over the patients’ medical history and possible drug interactions on the side of the pharmacists and physicians. Such opposition is easy to explain. Having the possibility to buy prescription drugs cheap in the Canadian online pharmacy, the US pharmacist will likely lose a lot of customers, and thus income.

On the other hand, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authority (NAPRA) of Canada welcomes such a decision, yet warns people regarding the Internet pharmacies operating illegally. The percentage of such fraudulent websites exceeds 95%, so one should be aware of how to determine whether the website you are going to buy from is really a legitimate representative of the Canadian international pharmacy.

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How to Determine Whether the Online Pharmacy Is Legal?

The NAPRA website gives recommendations on how not to become a victim of fraud and buy prescription medications on the website licensed by Canadian pharmacy regulatory authorities. This is a two-step procedure, which requires:

1. Collection of the information about the online pharmacies you want to check. The data you need includes the business address of the pharmacy in Canada, the number of its license, and the name of the College that has issued the document. The telephone number and an email address will also help to identify safe online drug suppliers.
2. Visit a website of the regulatory authority of the province or territory (e.g. British Columbia) that is claimed to have issued the license and check if the information given on the online pharmacy website is true.

Another way to know that you order from a trustworthy Canadian online pharmacy is to use Pharmacy Verified Websites Program. This is the United States analog of the Canadian verification program. It’s very easy to utilize: you just need to copy-paste the domain name of the online pharmacy to get full information about its trustworthiness and safety.

Online Pharmacy Licensing. Why Is It so Important to Check?

The permission to import prescription drugs to the United States from Canada is, in some sense, a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows American consumers to buy prescription medications online in Canada at prices that are much lower than in the US. On the other hand, the number of fraudulent services masking Canadian pharmacies brings some health risks for those who will buy the medicines they offer.

It’s not rare that the drugs bought online are not approved neither by the FDA nor by Health Canada, which means that their efficacy, and what’s more important, safety has never been established by these authoritative institutions.

The state and federal laws of the United States set requirements regarding the quality and the price of the medicines imported from Canada. Still, it is impossible to control everything, and the risks for human health are still present. The only way you can know for sure that the Canadian online pharmacy you buy from is legal is to check it using one of the options described above. Don’tmissthe possibility of buying only quality prescription drugs online.

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