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What is a Bicep Tear/Torn Bicep?

The bicep is a medium size muscle on the front of the arm. The bicep has two tendons. The proximal bicep tendon attaches to the shoulder. The distal bicep tendon attaches to the elbow. Both tendons can tear. Tears may be partial or complete.

  • Proximal bicep tendon tear. The proximal bicep tendon is the more commonly torn. The causes of a tear are injury (typically a fall on an outstretched hand) and overuse. A sudden, sharp pain immediately presents. A loud snap or pop may be heard. Bruising, tenderness, weakness, and a visible anatomical deformity present shortly after the injury.
  • Distal bicep tendon tear. Distal bicep tendon tears are uncommon. The cause of a tear is almost always lifting an object that is too heavy. An audible pop followed by severe pain occurs. Swelling, bruising, weakness, and a visible anatomic deformity are seen shortly after the injury.

Fellowship trained and board-certified specialists quickly diagnose bicep tendon tears so they can be treated as soon as possible. Customized treatment plans provide maximum symptom relief.

How is a Bicep Tear/Torn Bicep Treated?

Nonsurgical treatment options may be used to treat some bicep tendon tears. Treatment options include:

  • Rest and ice
  • Pain and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Immobilization
  • Bracing

Our specialists may recommend surgery in some cases. A bicep tendon repair attaches the torn tendon to the bone. Specialists use the latest bicep tendon repair surgical techniques and instruments. Patients recover in as short a time frame as possible. Physical therapy helps patients regain strength and prevents a tear from reoccurring. To schedule your appointment with a specialist, call our practice or visit our contact page.

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