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Commonly called a pinched nerve, radiculopathy refers to any disorder or disease that affects the nerve roots of the spine. These nerves originate from the spinal cord and connect it with your arms, legs, and body. Many conditions can result in a pinched nerve, including a herniated disc, spinal trauma, bone spur, or osteoarthritis. Athletes who play contact sports, individuals who perform manual labor, and older patients are at an increased risk for developing radiculopathy. Although a pinched nerve can occur at any level of the spine, the cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) regions are the most frequently involved. At the Orthopaedic Spine Institute, our experienced orthopaedic spine surgeons offer spine and pain management tailored to your unique needs, including non-surgical treatment options.

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What are the symptoms of radiculopathy?

Symptoms of a pinched nerve can include discomfort, tingling, numbness, or weakness in the affected area as well as the extremities associated with it. For instance, if radiculopathy occurs in the neck, pain may be transmitted through one or both arms. If the condition involves the lower back, then one or both legs may experience these radiating sensations, a concern often called sciatica.

Treatment Options

There is a broad array of non-surgical and minimally invasive radiculopathy treatment options. Our extensively trained orthopaedic surgeons will begin with conservative therapies first, and they will only utilize surgical techniques in the event other methods prove ineffective. Your care and comfort are our highest priorities.

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